Shell Cordovan Watch Strap with Leather Keepers from Don’t Mourn Organize

When I placed my order for a belt and a wallet, Scott Willis from Don’t Mourn Organize offered to send me a leather NATO strap for review. I was thrilled with this, as a fan of his work and a lover of watches.

This is what arrived:
Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

I was very surprised that it was shell. The rugged nature of shell makes it the perfect leather choice for a nato strap, but the $12 leather nato strap that I purchased a year ago was garbage and that sort of set my expectation. The first thing I did was throw it on my work watch, a Maratac Mid-Pilot:



I absolutely loved the look, but that watch sees a lot of water and I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of soaking this strap to death. That will be my go-to combination for outdoor activities this summer, though, unless I go watch crazy and buy something with a metal band.

The real reason I was thrilled when I saw this band was that I needed a simple brown strap for my dress watch. I have been using a burgundy strap, but I wear a lot more brown on my feet than I do burgundy. Here it is on my Tissot Visodate:



I liked it so much that I ended up putting my deployant clasp on it. It seems a little odd to put a deployant clasp on a nato strap, but it doesn’t screw on, so it is still basically just as easy to remove the strap.

I’m very happy with the strap, and it definitely has a place on my arm in both casual and dressy occasions.

The highlight of this strap was the leather keepers. They really give it a unique look.



The greatest weakness is the stitching that is visible while wearing it.



A finer thread and perhaps an extra stitch or two would have added a lot to the presentation.

I don’t know what Scott is planning to charge for these, but if his price is anything like the reasonable prices at which he offers his belts and wallets, I would highly recommend this strap.


A Delivery From Don’t Mourn Organize


I needed a casual burgundy belt to match my Peal & Co captoe cordovan boots. Last spring I bought a wallet from Scott Willis at Don’t Mourn Organize and was extremely happy with it, so I decided to turn to him for the belt. I’ve made some great back pocket fades with that wallet and it looks more badass than ever (I’ll post pics soon of some of my worn in items,) but when I’m not wearing jeans, and sometimes when I have to sit for long periods, it is a little unwieldy, so I hit Scott up for a 3 slot front pocket wallet.

The belt is burgundy chromexcel horse.

dontbelt01 dontbelt04 dontbelt05 dontbelt006


The wallet is also burgundy chromexcel, although I am not sure if it is cow or horse. It doesn’t have the distinctive grain that I’ve seen with horse.

dontwallet01 dontwallet02 dontwallet03

My Leather Collection


Wallet by Don’t Mourn Organize

Baker’s Bridle Leather Belt by Equus Leather

Single Wrap Bracelet by Wax and Canvas

Leather Belt Key Fob by Dry Gulch Leatherworks

Pocket Triangle by chris_n

Allen Edmond Sanford Shoes

Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots

Clarks Desert Boots

And the leather patch on the 3sixteen+ 21BSPs

Wallet from Don’t Mourn Organize.

Eagerly barely begins to describe the manner in which I was awaiting the arrival of the wallet I ordered from Scott Willis at Don’t Mourn Organize. Friday Afternoon, it arrived in my mail. I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. It looks great and it feels so good both in hand and pocket. The leather is veg tan horse and Chromexcel for the reddish brown accent.

Here are some pictures from the day it arrived:


And here are a few after a treatment of leather conditioner (Effax Leder Balsam):


And a couple of days later in the sun:


I’m looking forward to watching this beautiful chunk of leather evolve for a long time to come.